Poetry, process, progress.

Day 3 process

2009-03-14 12.12.00This was a hard one, and I’m still not sure how it turned out. As I write these process posts, I’m going to take steps to ensure that I don’t give out all the prompts for The Daily Poet. I think people should but it instead. After all, it’s not the prompts that are the point with these posts, but detailing the process. That said, I can say it was a prompt that involved a word list and coming up with a list that fit the parameters gave me fits. I did it though, and let clusters of the words associate to make unexpected combinations, ones that led to a narrative with a fairly strong image at the core.

It’s not very flattering, but for me the most important part of the process is seat time. I have to actually sit down and write whether I think I can or not, and come back to write more when I think I have no hope of coming up with any more. I find that the hopeless draft I leave on screen earlier in the day turns the corner when I add more later. That is the main thing–add, snip, add more, shift breaks, repeat.