Poetry, process, progress.

April Foolery

Each National Poetry Month (April!) I take on the PAD (Poem a Day) Challenge using the prompts supplied by Robert Lee Brewer of Writers Digest’s Poetic Asides. If you want to read my posted poems, contact me via Facebook (ensures I know you) and I’ll give you the password. I will not post my drafts “live” here since that leads to prior publication troubles with journals. Over all, the process has been successful for me. Later versions of drafts written by me for the PAD Challenge have appeared in Menacing Hedge, Weave, NEAT, and TAB: The Journal of Poetry and Poetics.

Some years fall flat, but I’ve found that the years when I am under the more stress or overloaded with work, those are the years that are most successful. So, here I go, about to write my draft a month–first one done now and about being a fool. That was the April 1 prompt.