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Day 5: Alicia Ostriker

Day 5: Alicia Ostriker

I gained a number of new-to me poetry books buying from Jane Hoogestraat’s poetry shelves to help fund a scholarship in her name. So many books, so little cash. The following poem ┬áis from The Book of Seventy by Alicia Ostriker (2009). the title poem is one to read again and again, but I also like “Everything alive’–so, small, so ambitious.
[Robin photo by Ken and Nyata, found on Flickr]

Everything alive

everything alive wants to surge and wilt

by its own rules, the tide in its veins, and in April
the green force is irresistible

But one great rule is life’s tenacious webbiness
another great rule is change
nothing stands alone, everything succeeds

and disappears
so the birch trees close their eyes in the rain
and robins drink their bliss