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Poems 7, 8, and 9: Web Weekend

Poems 7, 8, and 9: Web Weekend

If you are  reading this and you’re a poet, you know that getting that first book is very hard. More established poets have told me that getting the first book is no guarantee that a second will be easier or the third. Reduced funding to higher education has been chipping away at what was always a lean operation in the university and non-profit press world. This makes the work that independent journals do so very important, web journals in particular. Producing a web journal is not free, but it  has different costs than print journals and books, costs that can be made invisible by the donated labor of its editors and designers. On weekends for Poetry Month, I will feature web journals that are doing what they can to highlight the best in contemporary poetry. This weekend’s selections are from my personal list of “places that haven’t published any of my poems yet.” They encourage with the “send again,” but that meeting of the minds has yet to happen. I’ll keep trying.

THRUSH is an online journal in search of beauty. It finds it. Here is a poem from January 2017 from Catherine Pierce, Chadwick Lake, 8:15 a.m.

Sixth Finch is the second of this weekend’s trifecta of superb online literary journals. The Wreck by Sarah J. Sloat is a good example of the breadth of what they showcase. Sometimes journals pinpoint their aesthetic too narrowly. SIxth Finch take a healthy range.

DIAGRAM is a journal like no other–it is the place for poems that  may not fit elsewhere but that definitely need to be read/seen. From issue 17.1, here is Wallpaper Eulogy by Michele Finn Johnson.